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Are you thinking about making a move to Boise, Idaho? Well why wouldn’t you be?! The City of Trees has an independence and creative spirit that’s hard to find anywhere else in the US. Mayor Bieter was elected on the “promise of making [Boise] the most livable city in the country” and in his 12 years in office so far he Featured imagehas been making good on that promise. Boise is the perfect place to settle-in, put down roots, buy a home, build a career and raise a family. So stop thinking about it and make the move already! And when you do, you’ll definitely want to buy your new home with Brent Dildine.

Brent is the kind of Real Estate Agent that dreams are made of! With a wide variety of listings in his treasure chest he’s sure to find you exactly what you’re looking for, and at a great price too.

Brent won’t give up until he gets you the best deal on the best home for you and your family. When he’s focused on finding you your new home he won’t give up until you’re thoroughly happy.

First time home buyer? Brent Dildine is the perfect Realtor for you. With over 15 years experience in the industry he knows the Boise Real Estate Market inside and out. He’ll walk you through every step of the process and he’ll never shy away from a challenge. A first time home buyer—or first time home seller for that matter—couldn’t ask for a better Realtor.

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At this point you may be thinking to yourself, ‘OK, so Brent Dildine is great at finding home buyers the best deal on their new home…But can he sell my home at top dollar?’ The simple answer: YES. Brent puts the same heart and tenacity into sellingas he does with buying. You can be sure he’ll sell your home at the best price possible.

Give Brent Dildine a call today! You won’t be sorry.