A History of Boise



Paving a Road of Gold to the West

In 1834, with the Oregon Trail crowded with wagon trains, The Hudson’s Bay Company established a trading post along the Snake River, northwest of present day Boise. At the time, the site of present day Boise was considered a wooded oasis in the typically arid northwest. The area was named “Le Bois”, or “wooded” in French, and was primarily a way-point on the long trail to Oregon. Until 1862 when Gold was first discovered in the area; the town population exploded seemingly overnight. Many prospectors would make trips to Le Bois to restock their supplies after mining in the surrounding mountain mining camps.

A year later in 1863 the U.S. Army established Fort Boise. Shortly after that in 1864, Boise became the territorial capital as well as an incorporated city. In 1868, after several Gold strikes occurred, the town was composed of 400 permanent structures, more than half being permanent residential housing. In 1870, the Idaho Penitentiary was constructed; which at one time or another housed numerous legendary western renegades.

What Happens When the Gold is Gone?

As the Gold dried up the people headed further west, and Boise was left to fight for survival. Boise was isolated geographically; it was far from major lines of transportation and the climate was too parched to sustain farming demands. However, a determined core of citizens set forth to make the area habitable through developing irrigation systems, planting crops and plotting out a town with shady streets running along the Snake River.

Just like those who first ventured to Le Bois back in 1862, twentieth century travelers could only reach Boise after a strenuous wagon trail journey. When Idaho entered the Union in 1920, Boise was selected as the state capital and had the capitol building erected that year. After a long battle to bring in any railway service, Union Pacific built the Elegant Union Pacific Depot (now the Boise Depot) in 1925. Subsequently, a nFeatured imageumber of dams and reservoirs were constructed in the years prior to World War II in the hopes of further improving the agricultural outlook and providing a consistent water supply and hydroelectric power for the budding city.

As the commitment grew overseas during World War II, the military’s presence also grew in Boise. The military established Gowen Field as a flying and training base during the war. In the 1960’s, Boise drew up a new city charter, which included annexing many of the surrounding suburban areas and doubling the town’s population. As Boise continues to prosper in the 21st century, the town’s population is constantly growing and Boise real estate is a hot commodity; all this thanks to Boise’s desirable climate, urban renewal, growing job opportunities, quality of life, and favorable climate.

Now if all these facts have peaked your interest and you’re considering a move to beautiful Boise, Idaho, I would act fast. The gorgeous homes for sale in Boise are going quickly. If you wish to discuss the move contact Brent Dildine, today at brentdildineboise@gmail.com.


Coming Together for a Good Cause


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As if the culture, climate and natural beauty of Idaho weren’t enough to entice you to move; wait until you hear about the incredible residents you’ll be able to call your neighbors when you decide to invest in Boise Real Estate. I’ve already told you about the happy, friendly community that you’ll find in Boise, Idaho. Well, a couple of weeks ago one man took his dedication to being a kind and welcoming neighbor to a new extreme. I couldn’t be more proud to live in the same city as people like Kevin Quinn. If you haven’t heard about Quinn’s philanthropic adventures let me fill you in…

A little over two weeks ago Boise was headed into an epic heat wave; the kind of heat wave that makes you glad that my list of Boise, Idaho homes for sale is full of homes equipped with air conditioning. Anyway, when Kevin Quinn heard about the impending heat wave he felt concern for the homeless population; so, on a whim, he decided to do something to help them. Quinn, a commercial insurance agent by day, stocked up on water, ice and apples and began driving around to city parks looking for anyone who may be in need of said supplies.

Quinn realized that the record-breaking heat wave was going to last quite a few days so he decided he would continue this distribution until the heat wave broke. Word got out and the Boise community instantly started to come together behind Quinn’s cause. His friend who owns a bar donated a truckload of ice, another friend donated more water and so many others offered up support in the form of distribution help as well as donations. When Quinn started this endeavor he was paying for everything out of his own pocket but as the word began to spread more and more people began stepping up to help. Community members started donating survival packs filled with sunscreen, hats and other items. Quinn even said that a man recognized him in an Albertsons and just handed him $10 on the spot. The caring nature of our community is awe-inspiring. Give Boise residents a good cause to rally behind and they will show up in droves.

It’s stories like these that make me proud to be a resident of Boise, Idaho. My Idaho pride makes it very easy to sell the beautiful homes for sale in Boise. When I tell you what a great place this is to live, I mean every word and that’s why I will do whatever it takes to get you a great deal on your dream home in this awesome community.

Why Boise? Why NOT Boise?


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Are you an avid bicyclist? If so, it may be time to start checking out Boise real estate. Idaho has been putting in a lot of work sate-wide to become a bicycle friendly state and Boise in particular is a shining example of a bicyclist’s paradise. With a plethora of bike paths taking you pretty much anywhere you need to go in the city and community programs such as the Boise Bicycle Project working on making Boise the bicycle capital of America, I couldn’t imagine a better place for a cyclist to live. So load up those bike racks and come see me for a look at all the homes for sale in Boise, Id.

Not a bicyclist? Not a problem. There are plenty of other reasons to consider a move to Boise. First and foremost, we have natural beauty everywhere you look. The Boise landscape is jam packed with every outdoor wonder you can think of: mountains for hiking and skiing; desserts and rivers for any number of outdoor adventures; forests, golf courses and premium parks offer gorgeous backdrops for relaxing and adventuring alike. Add the four season climate to all the natural wonders of Boise and you’ve got the recipe for a lovely life. Still not convinced? I don’t know how that’s possible, but I’ll continue…

So maybe outdoor adventures aren’t your thing; well, a friendly community filled with arts, culture and entertainment is everyone’s thing, right? Boise residents tend to be happy and happy people make genuinely nice and welcoming neighbors. You’ll make friends quickly here and then you and your friends can enjoy the thriving arts and culture scene. With museums, festivals and music venues galore Boise is quickly becoming an art-lover’s utopia. The amazing restaurants—mom and pop style as well as chains—are also worth an honorable mention here. You’ll come for a visit and you’ll never want to leave so be sure to give me a call for a look at all the Boise homes for sale.

I’m not done yet. There are plenty more reasons to move to Boise. Safety is a top priority here. The low crime rates and peaceful surroundings make for a feeling of security you’ve probably never experienced anywhere else. You’ll feel completely comfortable sending your kids off on their walk to school in the morning. Try and stop yourself from feeling completely at peace once you’re living in this relaxing city.

Finally, let’s talk cost of living. Your dollar goes a long way in Boise. You’ll love the quality lifestyle you’ll be able to afford living here. So what are you waiting for? When you’re ready for the move come see me. I’ll scour the homes for sale in Boise and I will find you a gorgeous house at an amazing price!

Buy in Boise with Brent Dildine!


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Are you thinking about making a move to Boise, Idaho? Well why wouldn’t you be?! The City of Trees has an independence and creative spirit that’s hard to find anywhere else in the US. Mayor Bieter was elected on the “promise of making [Boise] the most livable city in the country” and in his 12 years in office so far he Featured imagehas been making good on that promise. Boise is the perfect place to settle-in, put down roots, buy a home, build a career and raise a family. So stop thinking about it and make the move already! And when you do, you’ll definitely want to buy your new home with Brent Dildine.

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At this point you may be thinking to yourself, ‘OK, so Brent Dildine is great at finding home buyers the best deal on their new home…But can he sell my home at top dollar?’ The simple answer: YES. Brent puts the same heart and tenacity into sellingas he does with buying. You can be sure he’ll sell your home at the best price possible.

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